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- A clear vision for BTR

At Build to Rent Consulting LLC, our mission is clear: to transform Build-to-Rent visions into tangible, lucrative realities. With a focus on excellence, innovation, and personalized service, we strive to be your trusted partner in managing the challenges and opportunities of BTR development.

Who we are

BTR Consulting LLC is a highly specialized consultancy team that has been navigating the unique challenges of Build-to-Rent (BTR) projects since 2016. With over 30 projects and 6,000 units completed, we offer unparalleled BTR construction management and design solutions. Our expertise allows us to meticulously coordinate processes through all stages of design and site development, tailored specifically for clients in the BTR sector of the real estate industry.

We provide comprehensive services including pre-development, project management, and construction site management, ensuring that every aspect of your BTR project is handled with precision and care. Leveraging our deep expertise in financial modeling, regulatory frameworks, and best construction practices, we provide unmatched guidance and support to developers, investors, and stakeholders.

At BTR Consulting LLC, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading tenure and our ability to deliver innovative and effective solutions. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we are the ideal partner for your BTR project success.

Trailblazing solutions for BTR

As a team we have evolved in collaboration through our shared experience in an array of diverse BTR Construction projects over the past decade.

In our earliest projects, we recognized that BTR needed outside-the-box thinking. BTR as a product is a unique blend of the traditional, high-paced residential home building and the stringent jurisdictional requirements necessary for turning projects over and putting tenants in the doors on the commercial builder side.

Builders were applying traditional methodologies and processes for building residential home lots that they had long relied on perfectly well – and running into trouble.

It was clear that new processes and management solutions were required to manage and coordinate the speed and complexity of BTR projects. These projects are too large and fast-moving to do without a robust, cast-iron process capable of interlocking all the moving parts with precision but also flexible and resilient enough to cope with their diversity and detail at every level.

In other words, a gold standard BTR management process designed and developed to meet these new challenges.

Eldon LaDouceur III

CEO – Lead Consultant | Residential Property Expert

As the Founder and Senior Consultant at Build to Rent Consulting, LLC, I leverage my 30-year career in site development, to provide strategic guidance and support to various participants and stakeholders in the BTR arena nationwide.

I have had the honor and privilege of working with many successful teams over the years. There’s probably not a corner in the valley where I haven’t built something.

As an estimator for an earthwork contractor, I helped create the budget for one of the very first Build-to-Rent/Single-Family Rental (BTR/SFR) projects to break ground.

As the project manager, I provided support and guidance to the team in the field building the project.

For that builder, I managed daily operations on numerous BTR projects and helped establish, develop, and fine-tune the processes now used as the standard for building single-family rental communities across the nation.

I’ve worked with almost every local builder team, many from very early on and throughout the growth of this niche.

I have helped more than one struggling company develop processes and procedures for successful turnovers and brought a struggling local startup to the national scene.

Quite frankly, not many have seen or done more with this BTR product, and certainly not on the level or through the layers that we have worked with it.

Our Team

Our team brings a wealth of experience in the real estate industry, offering a unique blend of skills, from seasoned professionals in construction management and property development to experts in financial analysis and market research. We are confident that our industry-specific, results-driven approach can meet your needs, no matter how ambitious or challenging they may be.

Our professional network is vast, with individuals and independent teams who we have worked and collaborated with positioned across the US, They contribute their incredible diversity of experience and professional knowledge when and where we need them for a project, allowing us to assemble dynamic teams to meet the specific needs of every project we undertake.

Every member of our team has gained the experience, insight and leadership they offer managing construction projects at the forefront of the BTR industry boom since the very earliest developments. 

100% Ownership

We approach all our projects and assignments with a 100% Ownership Mindset and encourage everyone involved to do the same. This is  a concept that goes beyond empty “management-speak” for us. It’s about taking responsibility for seeing the project through, come what may. We believe that it is the only way to work and lead as your partners in a successful project.

What that means is:

We are proactive. Time and BTR projects wait for no-one. If you are not chasing down and tackling issues head on, they will outrun you. 

We are committed. We care as much about the quality and outcome of your project as if it were our own.  We are with you as partners and strategic allies from Day One till the the tenants walk through their new front doors.

We are accountable. We take responsibility for our decisions and actions. The buck stops with us. What we undertake, we deliver. 

We are trustworthy. We take our responsibilities as stewards of your assets, resources and interests with the utmost seriousness.

We aim for exceptional outcomes. Excellence comes as standard with BTR Consulting. Our constant goal is to exceed that.

We are teambuilders. We take pride in fostering an inspiring workplace where everyone is empowered to learn, grow and contribute their best.

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