Proven Processes, Custom Solutions

No two projects are the same – in build-to-rent the differences can be enormous. With our core BTR Construction Management services as the foundation, we define and implement bespoke processes for all of our clients and for each of their projects.

But the underlying proven framework is by and large the same – it’s designed to accommodate, coordinate and control every variable detail on an ongoing basis and manage the project, its costs, resources and manpower as well as all the events and challenges the live project presents us with.

1. Project Initiation & Planning

1. Initiation & Planning

Define project objectives, scope, and deliverables.

Develop project plans, schedules, and budgets.

Identify project stakeholders and establish communication channels.

Sequence of Events

Initiate the project by obtaining approvals and funding.

Conduct initial meetings with stakeholders to clarify project goals and requirements.

Develop a comprehensive project plan outlining tasks, timelines, and resource allocations.

2. Design & Engineering

2. Design & Engineering

Coordinate with architects, engineers, and consultants to develop design plans.

Review and approve design documents to ensure compliance with project requirements and regulations.

Sequence of Events

Collaborate with design professionals to develop conceptual and detailed design drawings.

Review design documents for accuracy, feasibility, and compliance with building codes and standards.

3. Procurement & Contracting

3. Procurement & Contracting

Develop procurement strategies and solicit bids from vendors and subcontractors.

Negotiate contracts and agreements with selected suppliers and subcontractors.

Sequence of Events

Identify material suppliers, equipment vendors, and subcontractors through a competitive bidding process.

Evaluate bids and proposals, negotiate contracts, and finalize agreements with selected vendors and subcontractors.

4. Preconstruction Preparation

4. Pre-construction/ Preparation

Coordinate preconstruction activities such as site preparation, mobilization, and logistics planning.

Obtain necessary permits, licenses, and approvals for construction activities.

Sequence of Events

Prepare the construction site by clearing and grading the land, setting up temporary facilities, and establishing safety protocols.

Obtain permits and approvals from regulatory agencies and local authorities to commence construction activities.

5. Construction Execution

5. Construction Execution

Manage day-to-day construction activities, including scheduling, quality control, and safety.

Monitor progress against project plans and budgets and implement corrective actions as needed.

Sequence of Events

Mobilize resources and personnel to the construction site and initiate construction activities according to the project schedule.

Coordinate with subcontractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders to ensure smooth execution of work activities.

6. Monitoring & Control

6. Monitoring & Control

Monitor project performance and progress using key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics.

Implement changes and adjustments to project plans as necessary to address issues and risks.

Sequence of Events

Regularly review project status, budget, and schedule to identify variances and deviations from the plan.

Implement corrective actions and adjustments to mitigate risks and keep the project on track.

7. Project Closeout

7. Project Closeout

Complete final inspections, testing, and commissioning of project deliverables.

Obtain final approvals and sign-offs from stakeholders.

Sequence of Events

Conduct final inspections and quality checks to ensure that all work meets project requirements and standards.

Close out contracts, finalize payments, and prepare project documentation for turnover to the client.

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