Construction Management Consulting

Plan with precision, build with confidence

Our consultant team provides total turnkey, full package construction management solutions specifically tailored to bring a BTR construction project from concept to completion.
We bring our extensive BTR experience to manage all processes and transactions with the industry professionals, construction crews and suppliers hired for the project.

How we work for you:

We work with all or any of the professional service providers and stakeholders in construction. Whether you are architects, developers, construction contractors or project owners, you can rely on us to provide the expertise, experience and resources to make your BTR development a remarkable success story for all concerned. Our services are specifically designed, developed and tailored to run the entire gamut of a project’s life cycle no matter where the project’s stage of life is, no matter who the duties are performed for. 

They fall into 4 core categories:

  • Pre-Development
  • Pre-Construction
  • Construction Site Management
  • Project Management

You can hire us for any specific standalone duty or for a complete end-to-end BTR Management Solution tailored to your needs. We can partner with you from the start, or step in at need to bridge gaps in expertise and resources at any stage of your project.

Leaders in BTR Development

We are not just a participant in the construction management arena; we are the leaders who have shaped the landscape of BTR developments.

With a history of collaboration with almost every local builder and a diverse portfolio of projects, we bring unparalleled experience to the table. Our vast network of subcontractors and specialty consultants is dedicated exclusively to BTR, making us the go-to Construction Management Consulting team for builders, owners, and developers alike.

When you partner with us, you’re not just hiring a service provider; you’re engaging a team that has been instrumental in evolving the BTR blueprint. We are the CM team that builders talk about, the CM team that does it all—from budgeting to managing the entire project lifecycle. Let us be the foundation upon which your BTR success is built.

We build teams for BTR success

After over 30 major BTR projects we have worked with an incredible array of professional talents and superb construction labor forces. Put simply, we know who gets it right. 

We can assemble teams to complement yours or staff the entire project. Full due diligence is always based on the requirement of your particular project but you can be confident that the shortlist of bids we present you with will consist of tried and trusted BTR professionals who have never failed to deliver.

Budget Management

Budget Control is the unifying thread that runs through all of our services and we take pride in the powerful service that we provide to our clients. There is no greater challenge in BTR projects involving multiple teams and site crews, multiple work flows and objectives, multiple permitting requirements, multiple stakeholders, enormous quantities of materials to be procured.

Based on our extensive experience with these projects, we have devised and implemented exclusive systems and methods of tracking and maintaining project costs.

Constructability & Risk Assessment

With our extensive real-world experience in so many diverse BTR projects, we could not be better placed to provide you with reliable early assessment, insight and guidance on the feasibility of your project. Our Pre-Development service includes a full Constructability Review covering:

  • Financial Planning & Feasibility: Financial models are created to assess the project’s viability, including cost estimates, funding sources, revenue projections, and return on investment.
  • Risk Assessment & Strategy: We identify, assess and mitigate risks including market, legal and environmental impact concerns as well as financial to eliminate or plan for them.

By engaging us early in their planning process, the greater clarity gained by expert analysis and insight means that both owners and contractors can cost more accurately and realistically.

Integrity & Transparency

In all matters, and especially in procurement and supply chain management we act on your behalf as your trusted representative and advocate. We believe wholeheartedly in complete transparency with all parties involved and provide you with full documentation of every recommendation or transaction.

Of course we guide and advise based on our experience, and enable you to draw upon our extensive network of contacts, but no matter how long we have known and worked with a supplier, contractor or service provider, our due diligence processes are rigorous and fully correct.  

Permits and Regulatory Requirements

Due to their scale, BTR projects involve an enormous number of permits and the potential for costly hold-ups cannot be overlooked. Our consultant team has long experience with managing permitting processes from preparing applications and tracking them to managing the ongoing requirements that local regulations, zoning laws and other local challenges impose.

We conduct full site analysis during the Pre-Construction phase and fully document everything required for compliance with zoning laws, accessibility and environmental impact. Our experience in this respect helps us to avoid many of the pitfalls and roadblocks that can beset developments. We know what officials want to see and provide it, facilitating permit completion as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Our Commitment to your Success

Whether our clients hire us for a single service to cover a missing part in their own team, or in a full CM, CMAR or CMA capacity from start to finish, our commitment to our core values and to exceptional service remains the same always. We promise you:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Flawless execution to the highest standards of quality
  • Delivery of everything we promise on time and on budget.
  • Full transparency and open communication

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