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Concept Development Services

BTR Site Concept Development

The Linchpin of the Development:

Our expert project managers, each with a proven track record of successful leadership in build-to-rent, provide the glue that holds the entire project together. They oversee all project elements, from procurement and budgeting to scheduling and quality control. As individuals they also bring excellent interpersonal, leadership and teambuilding skills that underpin the smooth running and stability of the entire process from top to bottom.

Their watchful supervision and keen attention to detail ensures that your project meets the highest standards of functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

Concept Site Layout

BTR Consulting’s top-tier Site Design partners guide build-to-rent developments from inception to approval. We offer concept development services, crafting preliminary site plans and jurisdictional submissions, and providing civil support for zoning, council and neighborhood meetings.

Our expert design partners create tailored build-to-rent conceptual site layouts that integrate client specifications, legal advice on zoning, architectural designs, and regulatory requirements, ensuring a comprehensive plan that includes diverse rental units, essential amenities, and infrastructure considerations.

Jurisdictional Reviews

Our team expertly compiles and submits jurisdictional review packages, aiding in land use changes and re-zoning with civil support and strategic counsel, while also representing civil interests in various community and planning meetings.

If land use modifications or re-zoning are required, we assist you and your zoning attorney with civil-related support (i.e. preparation of land use exhibits and project narrative, site layout calculations for density, open space, lot coverage, etc.) and general professional advice as required.

For jurisdictional zoning requirements, our team members will support clients, clients’ representatives, and/or attorneys for civil topics in neighborhood meetings, planning & zoning, and jurisdictional council meetings.

Pre-Development Feasibility

Expert research and evaluation of your BTR plan

What does the Feasibility Study include?

A Pre-development feasibility analysis by our experienced team will include:

  • Jurisdictional zoning, land use, and site development design requirement review.
  • Legal document review from available information for legal encumbrances that affect the site.
  • Existing plan and report reviews for adjacent utility, access and stormwater infrastructure.
  • Existing and proposed stormwater site impact review.
  • Project access and utility capacity demand considerations.
  • Dry utility map research and impact assessment.
  • Concept plan review for viability and recommendations for an optimum layout.
  • Impact assessment from available geotechnical, traffic, and environmental assessment reports.
  • Predevelopment cost assessment based on concept plan, permitting costs and probable community development fees.
  • Probable project scheduling from project concepts to certificate of occupancies as an example.
  • On-call planning, engineering and permitting support.

Civil Design & Permitting

Navigating the Build-to-Rent Permitting Process

Preparation > Management > Approval

Multi-faceted BTR Developments involve a huge number of different types of permits all of which have to be successfully obtained before a single laborer walks onsite. It’s a minefield for anyone unprepared for the complexity of these local, state and federal regulatory requirements. 

The BTR Consulting team has the experience to give you a head start towards success. We’ve trodden this path numerous times before and have the knowledge and foresight to avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks that can arise from poor preparation or lack of understanding of what the officials need to see in order to approve your applications.

Understanding Regulations & Requirements

With a proven track record of managing multiple application processes simultaneously and successfully obtaining local, county, state, and federal construction permits and/or regulatory approvals, BTR Consulting can smooth and shorten the path to project execution. We have a working knowledge of the various county, state, and federal Erosion and Sediment and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Building Code (IBC, IRC, and IFC) regulations and requirements.

Our civil design and permitting services include:

  • BTR site layout design incorporating sustainability.
  • Team leader who drives design collaboration and project document submissions.
  • Grading & drainage design with earthwork modeling.
  • Stormwater design, modeling and documentation.
  • Erosion & sedimentation control, design & documentation.
  • Site plan & construction plan preparation.
  • Landscaping & irrigation plan preparation.
  • Water & Sewer design with report and plan preparation.
  • Access for vehicles & pedestrians.
  • Permitting documentation, preparation & submission.
  • Jurisdictional approvals from local to federal agencies and organizations.
  • Engineering opinion of probable cost preparation

Survey Services

Our surveyors specialize in the retrievel and preparation of topographic, boundary, ALTA, construction, geodetic and settlement/displacement surveys.

Our survey equipment inventory includes LiDAR-equipped UAVs (drones), robotic and conventional total station, RTK and static GPS, and automatic and digital levels.

Environmental Services

Our Environmental Services Group specializes in Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments that evaluate environmental liabilities for a given site and its neighboring properties. These assessments are critical for understanding feasibility implications for a given site. Assessments are based on industry standards like AAI and ASTM and client-specific or jurisdictional mandated standards.

We perform site investigations that evaluate present environmental impacts for a site. Our Environmental Services Group specializes in soil, waste and water sampling, groundwater modeling, human and ecological risk assessment and negotiation regulatory requirements for a given jurisdiction.

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