Defining budgets for peak value and performance

In-depth due diligence during the Pre-Construction phase is the cornerstone of a successful Build to Rent project. 

BTR Consulting leverages unparalleled expertise to equip you with a tailored pre-construction groundplan that enables you to action the build itself based on reliable, accurate and verified data and costings.

Budget Clarity

To avoid costly mistakes, it is of paramount importance that decisions about your build are based on fully investigated costing. Multiple inter-dependent choices that directly influence the project’s timeliness, quality and budget adherence must be made and the impact of each on all the others, assessed and documented. Our construction cost estimating services combine industry expertise with advanced methodologies to equip our clients with reliable projections, effective budget management and successful project outcomes.

Budget Management
Budget Management:

Our comprehensive budget management services ensure that your Build-to-Rent project remains on track financially. We meticulously analyze project requirements, allocate resources efficiently and monitor expenses throughout the construction process to minimize cost overruns and maximize value.

Budget Analysis
Budget Analysis:

We offer detailed budget analysis that provides a clear understanding of project finances. Our thorough assessments identify cost-saving opportunities, highlight potential risks, and enable informed decision-making to gain the best possible value rom project budgets and achieve desired outcomes.

Bid Procurement
Bid Procurement:

Our bid procurement services streamline the process of soliciting bids from contractors and subcontractors. Leveraging our extensive network and industry connections, we ensure competitive bidding, comprehensive coverage of project scope and adherence to budgetary constraints.

Bid Negotiation
Bid Negotiation:

We negotiate with contractors and subcontractors on behalf of our clients to secure the best possible terms and pricing. Our skilled negotiators leverage market insights, project specifications and industry standards to achieve favorable agreements while maintaining quality and scope requirements.

Scope Management
Scope Management:

Effective scope management is essential for controlling costs and ensuring project success. We work closely with clients to define project scope, identify deliverables and manage scope changes throughout the construction process to minimize scope creeo and budget overruns.

Request for Proposals
Request for Proposals (RFPs):

We assist clients in preparing comprehensive and tailored requests for proposals (RFPs) to solicit bids from qualified vendors. Our RFPs outline project requirements, specifications and evaluation criteria to ensure alignment with project objectives and budgetary considerations.

Value Engineering:

Investors, architects, developers, and construction companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize costs while maintaining quality. The need for a meticulous Value Engineering (VE) process is critical to meet this demand, particularly in the early stages of pre-construction. The Build to Rent sector demands swift and efficient development processes to capitalize on market opportunities. Delays or missteps in the pre-construction phase can lead to increased costs and extended timelines, affecting the overall profitability of the project.

  • Our Approach: We specialize in a comprehensive VE approach, built upon our long experience and tenure in the Build-to-Rent industry, that goes beyond mere cost-cutting. By employing a disciplined procedure specific to the Build-to-Rent space and executed by a multi-disciplinary team, we analyze project requirements to achieve essential functions at the lowest total costs. This includes capital, staffing, energy, and maintenance over the project’s life.
  • Specialized VE for Build to Rent: BTR Consulting clients can expect a significant return on investment. Our bespoke approach leads to smarter design choices, material selections, and construction methods that do not compromise the project’s value objectives. This results in a Build to Rent development that is not only cost-effective but also aligns with the long-term financial and functional goals of our clients.
  • Creative Thinking: Our independent VE team brings fresh perspectives, drawing from a wealth of experience across similar projects, to review and validate the program, ensuring alignment with the owner’s value definition and project objectives.
  • Streamlined Development: Changes made during the planning stage have minimal impact on the schedule and budget, fostering a more predictable and controlled project flow. This proactive approach not only saves time and money but also enhances the project’s functional efficiency and market appeal.
  • Building for Resident Needs: For a Build to Rent project to be successful, it must not only be financially viable but also meet the specific needs of its target market. Achieving this balance requires a strategic approach to project design and execution. BTR Consulting brings together key stakeholders, including the design team and clients, to collaboratively review and refine project plans. By facilitating a series of structured meetings that target each element of the project, we ensure a thorough and creative exploration of all possible alternatives, focusing on function and value.

Cost Estimation

Based on the intensive investigations that have been done during the previous phases we are now able to produce detailed preliminary cost estimates covering all the elements of the project that have been defined. These estimates are ballpark figures that will provide the foundation for the bid documents that will be prepared later.

Nevertheless, our experience in numerous diverse build-to-rent projects each involving their own special challenges and opportunities provides vital insights. By leaving no keynote untouched, no costs are left behind. This is how we are able to ensure we capture the missing costs, and ensure initial development costs are accounted for. 


At the heart of our pre-construction phase lies a commitment to precision scheduling. From inception to completion, we ensure every timeline is meticulously planned and adhered to. Our state-of-the-art communication software keeps all teams synchronized, providing real-time updates on every critical aspect of the project’s progress.

We employ cutting-edge tools like 4D BIM technology and critical path scheduling to maintain a clear vision of the project’s trajectory. Regular planning meetings nail down the objectives and necessary tasks for each coming fortnight, and proactive oversight of daily operations allow us to anticipate and navigate potential challenges, ensuring efficiency and minimizing the need for overtime.

Contractor Selection and Bidding:

BTR Consulting has built up an outstanding network of tried and trusted trade professionals whose skills and all-round value has only increased through their pa rticipation in our previous Build-to-Rent projects. Our longstanding relationships with these partners mean we can match the perfect skill set to your unique project needs. We bring teams of seasoned professionals to your project who understand our standards and expectations, know how we communicate and work and have shown their worth time and time again.

Rigorous Selection for Quality Assurance:

We rigorously vet our subcontractors to uphold our high standards. Through comprehensive evaluations, performance histories, and annual requalification processes, we ensure only the most reliable and financially robust teams are selected. Our bid packages are meticulously crafted, detailing every aspect of the work to be done and setting clear expectations, guaranteeing the best possible collaboration and outcome for your project..

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